Gordan & Gemma / Malcesine Castle / Italy

Villa La Palagina

Gordan & Gemma / Malcesine Castle / Italy

Malcesine Castle

Videographer: Missing Piece Films Italy
Venue: Malcesine CastleMalcesine Castle
Coordinator: Gemma
Photographer: Sarah Ferrara


What an amazing wedding! Gemma Taylor-Geddes and Gordon Geddes tied the knot at Malcesine Castle, nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Garda. Surrounded by breath-taking views of the sparkling lake and the majestic mountains, Gemma and Gordon’s wedding was a true fairy tale come to life. Thank you for choosing Missing Piece Films to capture your special day. From the heartfelt vows exchanged under a picturesque gazebo to the joyous celebration that ensued, every moment of Gemma and Gordon’s wedding was filled with love, happiness, and pure magic. The stunning location of Malcesine Castle provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable union. As the sun set over the castle, casting a romantic golden glow on the couple and their guests, Missing Piece Films was able to capture every precious detail of this enchanting day. From the tender moments shared between Gemma and Gordon during their first look to the lively dance floor where guests celebrated late into the night, Missing Piece Films was there every step of the way, preserving the memories that Gemma and Gordon will cherish for a lifetime.