A wedding on Lake Como is a great favourite of ours. Charming lakeside towns with historic elegant villas, quaint little alleys taking you to yet another surprise, the cobble walkways and majestic mountains across the water all present amazing backdrops for a beautiful film. Its never too challenging to make Lake Como weddings look good on screen.

The glamorous villas of a bygone era define the architecture along the banks of Lake Como. These jewels have been preserved to keep all the charm of that time, made famous by poets and writers. Famous actresses such as Sophia Loren in silk scarf and glamorous sunshades, celebrity love stories, luxury and timeless elegance are all things that remind us of Lake Como.

Relais Villa Vittoria, where Emily & Jeff were married is in the tiny village of Laglio, now well known for its other famous residents, the Clooneys. They are in fact just down the road at Villa Oleandra. The boutique hotel, a beautifully restored villa on the banks of the lake welcomes you with open arms and its creamy, dreamy colours as you enter an era of bygone classic, classy Italian luxury.

We love this add on for any wedding: a cruise in the legendary Riva speedboat, the one that you’ve seen in movies, made of gleaming wood and art deco styling and your wedding film takes on a new dimension. We often use this as a way for our clients to break away from guests for a short while, to allow some alone time and some spectacular couple shots.

On this day we had great weather, no wind and the drone footage perfectly captured Emily & Jeff’s joy and wind-in-the-hair moments … and the captain’s smile said it all.

Tania Miglietta