Did you know that getting married in an exotic location can ultimately be cheaper than a local wedding, if you’re looking to save on costs here are some things to consider. best wedding films

Choose a weekday rather than a weekend.

Getting married on a weekday will save you money on the venue and give you the chance to enjoy your destination a little longer. Flying on a weekday should also be less expensive. Accommodation at your destination of choice should also be cheaper on weekdays. So there are three ways to help save already.

Resorts offering all-inclusive packages will offer you and your guests more affordability.

At first glance the all-inclusive option will seem quite costly, however if you break it down you will find that it will actually save you money. Some resorts offer all-inclusive packages covering a multiple of things like your cake, flowers, food, drink etc. Should they offer photography and videography be sure to check these portfolio’s as they may be very different from what you are after. It is always better to take time to identify with videography and photography services by spending time looking for the style and story telling you are hoping for.Wedding videographer Italy Lake Como

All-inclusive wedding packages may also take away some of planning and stress you are dealing with.

Use a piece of nature as the backdrop at your ceremony.

You will probably choose an beautiful location to have a destination wedding so why not include some of the natural elements into the backdrop at your ceremony rather than spending money on décor, tying in natural elements of environment into your wedding theme will just add to the authenticity of the place and your wedding day. Choose local florals and local ingredients for your menu.wedding photographer

Your choice of destination is much more than a beautiful space. It’s also place offering stunning flowers, delicious food, and so much more. Make use of all these ingredients and decor to manage your costs.Wedding film Italy

No wedding gifts please

Your guests are already paying to celebrate with you. Let that be their gift for you.