What wedding photography and videography can cost you

Wedding photography and videography are mostly offered as packages of services on top of which you can choose extra “add ons” at extra cost. This helps to fine-tune what best suits you and your budget. If this is still not what you want, then ask for pricing of a tailor-made service that suits your wedding day and particular needs.

Generally, at your wedding you can expect a small team from videography and photography to be present throughout the day. For the best wedding videography outcome it is advisable to choose a provider who works with an assistant, using three cameras. This way good wedding coverage is achieved and excellent audio is possible. Professional videographers with several years of experience recommend this extent of coverage. Similarly, for photography, it is advisable to find a main photographer with an assistant.

Costs may include these for wedding videography and photography

Wedding day drone footage

Drone filming is popular especially at destination weddings. Drone footage is usually optional but sometimes not even offered. This is a specialised skill, takes practice and permission needs to be granted at the wedding venue before any flight can take place. Flying is forbidden in official no-flight zones for example close to a strategic government building or an airport. Drone flying is only possible in good weather, so consider that a strong wind or rain will make it impossible to capture the footage you had hoped for.

Hence, it is optional, and best not to assume that you will have drone footage featured in your wedding film. If this is important, get clarification about alternative days or places you could use.

Travel costs

Wedding videographers and photographers are often prepared to travel to capture your wedding day. Expect to pay for this travel in one way or another. This can include flights, car hire and accommodation but it is often included in the overall package. Look for those videographers and photographers who don’t charge extra. This way there are no surprises and added costs.

Capture that action on video!

Extra wedding film and photo edits

Videographers and photographers spend days and days editing your final wedding video and photos. If you request any further edits it is likely going to cost you more, usually charged per hour. If there is something you really need included or left off advise them in advance.

Pre and post wedding videography and photography shoots

Usually an excellent idea. This is an opportunity to get to know your video or photo team before your wedding day and it’s great for additional lead-up coverage. For a destination wedding this is very useful in establishing the location.

Pre-wedding: capture that moment

Examples: filming and photographing a rehearsal dinner, your wedding guests’ activity the day before or a couple shoot in an idyllic location nearby.

The day after the wedding can feature a pool or beach party.

Post wedding: Capture that family joy

All this additional footage makes for great story telling and takes your wedding film and photography to the next level.

Social media content

There is huge demand for social media content from clients. Many love to share memories of their wedding day in this way and it is easy to achieve once the final edit is done. Depending on the package offered, it may be included or not, so do ask.

What Impacts the costs of videography and photography?


This is going to be the one thing that impacts pricing most.

Most packages are based on time spent filming and photographing on the day. Find a photographer and videographer who is not a clock-watcher but rather one that is passionate about their craft, works the necessary hours to produce a masterpiece without charging you extra time for staying to the end.

Assistant second shooter

Experienced photographers and videographers will likely bring along an assistant. This ensures that they are able to capture every magical moment without missing anything.

Wedding season

Like with anything, high demand attracts higher prices. If your wedding takes place during the busiest summer months or over a bank holiday weekend then it is likely that wedding videography and photography costs will be more

Ask for out-of-season discounts if your wedding takes place outside of the peak season.


Why hiring both a wedding videographer and photographer is worth it

Having both a wedding photographer and videographer may seem like a bit too much, but we promise you, it’s worth it. Photos do an incredible job of capturing memorable moments, but they can’t capture everything.

Videographers capture the emotions of the day, be it via your voices exchanging emotional personal vows, “the first look” of the bride and groom or the groom as he sees his bride approaching down the aisle.

Often there is priceless emotion there. Add in the actual words of meaningful and sometimes hilarious speeches, topped off with the atmosphere on the day, and the party and music into the night, video can capture this all.

These are priceless moments that can only be appreciated fully as a movie!

When it comes to money spent this is one area where you should see wedding videography and photography as an investment. When your day is over, your wedding video and photography will be what you have to reflect on.

This is what you will share with future children and your loved ones in the many years ahead.

See this as an investment and understand that you get what you pay for.