The word Cinema (pronounced: Chi-neh-mah) in Italian means “movie” or “film” and here we share our Italian wedding cinema: our Italian weddings in Italy

Your imagination serves you well.

In Italy weddings are serious, momentous events that involve a happy gathering of family and friends who are invited to witness the commitment made by the newlyweds to each other. In Italy these occasions are to be celebrated and they do this in style. Weddings in Italy are almost always an excuse to be very glam. It is for this reason that wedding destinations in Italy, and those chosen by our clients are always incredibly charming and overall beautiful! It goes without saying that the food and wine served on the day, will simply be perfection.

We trust that by viewing a few of our wedding videos in Italy you can experience the warmth of Italy and joy that our clients felt at saying “I do” in the most charming of settings. Looking to the old crumbling walls, the cypress trees standing tall, the twinkling of a lake’s cool water or the sound of a perfectly in-tune string quartet playing a piece of Vivaldi. We aim to weave all these characterful aspects into our wedding videos in Italy.

People have stated with envy that we get to see the best of Italy, because weddings are never in unattractive locations, and they are perfectly correct. We are always enthralled at the magnificent settings chosen by our clients for their wedding in Italy.


Lake Como: it has a sunny and a shady side, it has a view of mountains and of other lakeside towns. There are boats whizzing past, ferries ferrying people. It’s a hive of activity on Lake Como. Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore are both grand. Each boast a showcase villa on an island, with immaculate gardens cypress, camellias, oleanders. Great wedding locations in Italy and all picture perfect.

Tuscany and Umbria are famous for their distant views of gentle hills, fields of wheat, poppies, hay bales, and rows of vines. The light in Tuscany and Umbria is unparalleled, where the golden hour light is amongst the best you can hope for. There is peace and nature all around you and much, much history. Ancient towns, meandering lanes and rows of cypress usually define your arrival into Tuscany or Umbria.

So which to choose?

We showcase our recent work in these short wedding video highlights so that you can get a taste of what a wedding in Italy could represent. Of course, your destination wedding will be yours alone, and unique, and it could be anything you choose, but here is some inspiration!