Wedding Videographer in Venice Wedding Videographer in Venice

[ut_quote_rotator_alt speed=”5000″ autoplay=”on” width=”fullwidth” last=”false”] [ut_quote_alt author=””] Watching it again was a reminder how amazing it was…you have done a wonderful wonderful job. Thank you David [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=””] David you’re a “Cinematographer Legend – Well Done on a Superb Production”! [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=””] Boy…. was it “Show Time Last Night,” Popcorn & Coke was on hand and we never wanted the “Something’s Beautiful” to end [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=””] This is by far the most incredible video I have EVER seen! A TRUE TRUE fairytale! I promise, it will bring you to tears! Match made in heaven I tell you Dimitri Theo your speech – WOW WOW WOW! [/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=””] Clint’s dad couldn’t even eat his food he was tearing up the whole time. Thank you thank you thank you David [/ut_quote_alt]