Whilst working through travel photos my mind keeps going back to this city wedding that we stumbled upon in Turin a year ago (yes, pre-COVID). First we saw the car and knew that an Italian city wedding was likely to be happening somewhere close by.

How did we know this?

It being Turin (Torino, in Italian) and it being parked on the Piazza which is normally not permitted we saw a very fast car with an obvious wedding bow.

An Italian wedding in Turin!

Videographer readies his camera

We love to stumble upon a wedding! David is all camera, action and looking for that perfect shot. You cannot get the movie-maker out of this world class destination wedding videographer.

Where, oh where is the bride?? Clearly this is less than a private wedding affair as well-dressed wedding guests were gathering outside on Piazza Carlo Alberto in the middle of a public square … and looking excited. Cameras ready, we took a seat at a café to wait and see what would happen next.

After a short while, the newly married couple arrived as the sounds of cheers and clapping rose.

The bride and groom were married in a civil courts way, as they emerged looking splendid and happy not from a church, but from an official government building just off the piazza. (Drone flying here would be a big no-no without proper permission).

City of Turin wedding shoot

City of Turin: an urban wedding video backdrop

Gorgeous city photo and wedding video locations
Old Turin wedding photo shoot

Turin – getting that old style. Missing Piece Films is never far away.


In the meantime we looked for …

… and found beautiful, characterful city wedding video backdrops if only we had been awarded the job to make that movie!

Turin City wedding video shoot

Wonderful wedding video shoot locations

We could not help ourselves conjuring up the many shots that could have been. Photojournalism comes to mind. Imagine shots with amazing architecture as backdrops that you’d see for a Vogue fashion shoot This city is picture perfect for an urban style wedding video film.

A splendid wedding film could have been produced that day!

Turin City - wedding video shoot

Turin City wedding video shoot


Turin is a stylish, classy, elegant northern Italian city. Probably one of the richest, with many famous brands hailing from either Turin or Piedmont the region, or state, in which Turin is situated. Think – Eataly, Fiat the car manufacturer and for those with weakness for the hazelnut spread Nutella, also Ferrero Rocher. These are all from this region.

The city is replete with stunning buildings, piazze, fountains and like all of Italy, its full of history.

City of Turin wedding video shoot

City of Turin with many opportunities for a wedding video shoot

City of Turin wedding video shoot

Galleria in Turin amazing urban wedding photo shoot backdrop

Its such fun to be a bystander at times. Less pressure of course, but you can’t stop the film-maker process kicking in.