The joy of a Sicilian wedding!

Images peppered with colour, fragrance, history, abundance, love, family, music, prosecco and raised glasses shouting “salute! “. Here these all come together to provide the most wonderful backdrop for filming your luxury destination wedding day in Sicily.

Colourful Sicilian ceramics add glamour to your wedding

Colourful Sicilian ceramics, a decorative element to your wedding day

Sicilian culture is colourful and abundant. The towns are historic with architecture dating back thousands of years and together with dramatic volcano Mount Etna across the bay, we are always thrilled to be back to feature this remarkable setting in our destination wedding films.

Here you have an imbarazzo della scelta – Italian, which translated means “spoiled for choice”.

Taormina, Sicily

The beautiful town of Taormina, chosen by our Texan-Turkish clients, pairs perfectly with ancient history and Italian romance. Here you are met by bountiful bougainvillea in bloom, secret piazze, fountains and frescoes. Furthermore, views across the twinkling azure bay are some of what awaits you.

Precious content for the ultimate destination wedding video.

To get up to Taormina there is a single, one-way twisting road, and once up there very limited parking! If you wish, an easier way up from the lower town is by way of the funicular. A short ride up and you’re in the centre of Taormina old town. For us, it was then onwards to the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo to meet our clients.

Luxury hotel gardens for destination wedding photography

Destination weddings are all about exotic enticing locations

Looking for the perfect luxury hotel for your destination wedding in Sicily?

The Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is a stunning place. Its elegance and glamour are understated, yet its appeal obvious and effortless.

On a day with no commitments you could find me sipping on my apperitivo every afternoon from the Library Terrace watching the stylish swish by.

Elegant gardens perfect for wedding photoshoot

Luxurious gardens overlooking the bay and Mount Etna perfect for a wedding photo shoot

This majestic wedding venue serves up views that have enchanted for more than a century.

The Greek Theatre, Teatro Greco

If you venture into the exquisite terraced gardens and turn around, right behind you are the incredible ruins of Taormina’s ancient Greek Theatre.

Greek? Yes, because Sicily has been invaded by many civilizations. Before the Romans the Greeks landed in Sicily.

So its known as Teatro Greco. 

Wedding backdrop Taormina

Ancient Greek Theatre perfect for your wedding photo shoot

Wedding film preparation before the big day

We scout the venue – where possible – days in advance. David and I are on the lookout for details! Obstacles!!

We consider scene composition, and watch the sunlight. Importantly, and this is especially so for a ceremony setting, we look at clearance and approachability with a camera. Finally, we look for great views achievable from our drone and were to launch from. This can be a challenge sometimes.

When it comes to the wedding ceremony area we plan carefully. It is key to capture our clients’ vows visually but also with perfect sound clarity. Of course the words “you may now kiss the bride”  set us all aflutter and of course, thats a winner.

We have to get that too.

Cinematographer in Italy

David on set

David and I Iove the charm of Taormina  … picture-perfect really. A place where family, friends and love flourishes in Sicilian warmth. We love returning to this Italian paradise with clients from all over the world, particularly for its rich foundations of love and history tied to it in all its forms.

Enjoy the end result of this elegant luxury wedding in the video highlights reel viewable here.