Vanessa & Alex / Fossamala, Italy


Vanessa & Alex / Fossamala, Italy

Love Never Fails

Videographer: Missing Piece Films Italy
Venue: Fossamala
Coordinator: Felix
Photographer: Nejc Bole


Italy is made up of such beauty that setting off on a road trip to video our next destination wedding in Italy was something to look forward to. This time we were heading to north east Italy, to Friuli and a small town Roveredo in Piano which is nestled at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains and not far from Venice.

Here two gorgeous people, Vanessa and Alex were married in the town’s church (more like an ancient white stone cathedral) where the wedding ceremony which we filmed from start to finish was a mass and conducted in English.

Traditional vows, a soloist and readings by the family personalized their ceremony and provided depth to the wedding celebration which will enrich the video that we are currently producing.

As the priest put it “its their Feast”, and yes, a feast for the eyes and ears it was. Frescoed ceilings meters high and big wide arches welcomed the family to this special day.

The paintwork in this church looked fresh, probably recently restored, something that would have taken years to plan and even more to accomplish. Vanessa and Alex are likely be one of the earliest wedding couples that would be witness to this splendid restoration work.

Wedding videography takes us places, and this time it took us to a part of Italy that boasts beautiful vineyards, forests, rivers and spectacular views. The wedding reception was held at an intimate and charmingly rustic but elegant venue Fossa Mala Winery and Restaurant.

Cosy, with thick stone walls, old rustic ceiling, it was the perfect destination wedding venue which would have made anyone reaslise, this is Italy. The aperitivo was locally produced prosecco served on the lawns together with abundant and generous Italian snacks, a staple here in Italy.

Fossa Mala, is a historic wine estate but recently restored by the family owners who returned from Germany to their native Italy to breathe new life into this remarkable place. Having recently re-opened its doors to day visitors, hotel guests and those looking for good food and wine we could see that the location is popular and people are flocking to enjoy what this place has to offer. www.fossamala.comFilming Vanessa and Alejandro’s wedding in Italy was a joy. The spaces, layout and light all lend themselves to a beautiful wedding.

Vanessa and Alex are Texan, Americans and if you look back into their family’s past you will find their Mexican Spanish heritage. Such a warm and kind couple where the joy and sincerity of marriage prevailed on the day. We were honoured to film their wedding and as wedding videographers who are exposed to many scenarios found this couple’s sensitivity to that which was happening around them and their commitment to each other inspiring.

The joy of togetherness and family spilled over into the exceptional wedding speeches –content for a world class wedding video that we look forward to being able to use and wind through the final story. These words spoken from the heart, words of love and thanks are captured on film forever.