For us as filmmaker destination wedding filmmaking started as a simple but exciting thought and has evolved into something we do every year in beautiful Italy

Couples usually start this journey similarlbest wedding videographersy with the wonderful idea of a destination wedding and approach it with great excitement, enthusiasm, and a good amount of trepidation. Hopefully, this blog based on our experience filming destination weddings throughout Italy and seeing firsthand the magical wedding day unfold for couples will give you conclusive information to help you to commit to the destination wedding so many only dreams about.


It makes sense to think that a destination wedding is unaffordable and its probably less expensive to stay local.Wedding videographer Italy Lake ComoWell that is certainly not always the case, there can actually be a substantial savings when your wedding is abroad. Italy is an extremely popular destination for so many reasons and cost is one of them. Furthermore your wedding day does not have to be on a Saturday because everyone is working on weekdays. When you have a destination wedding, any day of the week is suitable and will prove far less expensive.

When it comes to videography and photography your film and photos will be elevated to a very different level, exotic sunsets, amazing beaches, rocky mountain outcrops, rustic villages and historic cities are just a few of the backdrops to choose from. Take advantage of being in this space and include a pre-wedding day film and photo shoot.

Wedding film Italy

Marrying while on vacation in a beautiful location is so much more exciting than your local playground and the day after your wedding you are already on honeymoon with family and friends, of course you can breakaway from your guest to enjoy some quiet and romantic time together, it’s really up to you. With a local wedding your guests are gone the next day and you may feel not enough time was spent with them.

Let’s face it everyone loves to go on vocation and your guests will be even more excited about your wedding when they can combine it with a vocation, this indeed makes the trip that much more exciting for everyone.

Wedding videographer Italy Lake Como

Choosing a local wedding planner at your destination of choice it obviously going to take away the stress of planning, these experienced planners have done this time and time again, they know what works and what doesn’t. All you need to do is trust them with your day, relax and let them take care of it!

When you are in a foreign location, you leave all the stress of your regular life behind so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the special moment with your partner and loved ones.

The location you choose now becomes a special place in your relationship that you can return to for anniversaries or special vacations.